Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12 of 12

Okay, so I did it once last year. I'm going to attempt to actually do this every month for 2009! Here goes:

Spent part of the morning catching up on DVRed shows while answering emails.

Alex busy doing what he does best.

Mmmm... lunch! Or at least part of it. Here's some black bean tortilla soup from Nutrisystem, to be followed by a salad.

My stack of stuff that was going to get dropped off at Goodwill. I just found out that a friend lost a lot of stuff in an apartment fire, so I'll have to hold off on getting rid of this until I find out what all she needs.

My office/junk room in the throes of being cleaned out. I'm also starting to pack up boxes of things I don't think I'll use between now and the end of Feb. If I know I won't use it in 6-7 weeks, does that mean I should just go ahead and get rid of it?? Naaaah.

Another trip to the gym, another great workout! Note that my gym is in the same building as a Mexican food restaurant. Argh. At least it's not like when I worked at Curves... you could actually smell the fajitas cooking in the stretching room there!

A rare sight indeed... Alex actually using the backyard for its intended purpose!

A lovely sunset over Granite Shoals.

My yummy Nutrisystem dinner! Spinach and cheese ravioli in meat sauce, asparagus, and cherries. I don't know why people think this food isn't wonderful!

My lovely room, all cleaned up and straightened out!

As long as I've got the camera out and the room clean, I'll take a couple of angles to send to my landlord so she can advertise before I move out. Ain't I nice?

And to round out my 12, a shot of the gorgeous full moon. It just doesn't translate to my lil digital camera the way my eyes see it!


At 4:44 AM, Blogger Dogeared said...

I really need to tidy my room (and then clean it) - your clean room looks lovely! Good luck with the 12 lots of 12 of 12 this year!

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

Hey, look, it's Marble Falls! Good luck with the 12!!

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Hibe said...

Great start ...let's try and get 11 more. I've forgotten at the beginning of day more than once, but usually remember by lunch time.


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