Wednesday, October 18, 2006

?Habla ingles?

Since I am the only employee at my gym that speaks any Spanish at all, I have been nominated to deal with every single Spanish-speaking person that walks through the door. I can do okay with someone who speaks a little bit of English, but when I get someone in there who doesn't even know "Hello", it's a bit of a challenge.

Thanks for assuming I can speak Spanish fluently when I really speak about 3 words. Putas.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Blog? What blog?

Yeah, I know, I'm terrible. Updating this blog regularly sure didn't last long. Here goes another try at it.

I'm in the middle of my next-to-last semester of undergrad work. WHEE! My 12 hours this semester are certainly not going to be easy. Why was it easier when I was taking 15 hours?? I had a test today, have a paper re-write due Monday, paper due Tuesday, and a MAJOR EFFIN TEST on Wednesday.

The MEF is in Medical Geography. That class is going to be a bitch. The population in there is about 80% pre-med. One of them told me, "Don't worry, we don't even like ourselves." Ha! I just hope I don't bomb too bad. At least I know how to spell "schistosomiasis" and "diphyllobothrium latum." That's got to be worth at least a couple of points, right?

My two jobs are keeping me busy, too. I like working at Curves... I get to work out while I'm getting paid. I just wish I were getting paid more! Or that I could work out more; my doctor chastised me on Monday for doing too much on my ankle. I have to rest it until my next visit with her so that maybe there won't be yet ANOTHER visit with her. The photography gig is still great. If I could talk him into letting me have just ONE of his royalty checks, I'd be doing great financially.

Trips coming up: DFW to visit with family the weekend of 10/20. I'm flying SW, so I will have to find someone to watch Alex for me. The big one! Key West 10/31-11/5! I can't wait!! I may not come back at all.

I got nuthin.