Monday, July 13, 2009

July's 12 of 12

Woooo! We're in the homestretch of posting a full year of 12 of 12! New to 12 of 12? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info. Play with us. It's fun!

On July 12th, I was at my parent's house outside of Dallas and spent the day loading up furniture then driving back to Spicewood. Here's what happened:

1:30pm- Heading out of my parents house. I forgot to take a picture as I left the driveway, so you'll have to be satisfied with a shot of the lovely country roads that take me home.

1:45pm- Cruising the speedtrap known as Crandall, Texas. And if you'll look out the left side of the truck, you will see the World Famous Crandall Cotton Gin Restaurant and Club. I recommend the chicken fried chicken.

2:20pm- My Ghingaw's house. We're here to pick up her dining room furniture that I am 'inheriting'. The house is now on the market... it's so weird to see that For Sale sign in the front yard when she's just a few miles across the highway in assisted living. It's the end of an era... when I walk in the front door, I can still smell the meatloaf and okra gumbo cooking.

2:50pm- Got the dining room table and buffet loaded into the back of my truck, and I'm off to Austin! Pretty cool view of downtown Dallas coming around the 'Fair Park curve' on I-30. You can just see how insanely hot it was!

2:55pm- And of course, as soon as I get into the 'canyon' part of downtown, we come to a screeching halt. On a Sunday. Seriously, people??

3:45pm- Look! It's the Monolithic Dome Institute! You can rent a cabin for $80. I'm so tempted to do this sometime, just to see what it's really like.

4:30pm- I 35. The highway that never freakin' ends.

5:00pm- Those poor people on the northbound side! This accident had the highway completely closed down and traffic was just parked over there. Ugh.

5:05pm- These poor suckers are at about mile 1 of an approximately 5-mile backup. I swear, this has got to be the worst highway ever. I see this crap almost every time I drive it, and sometimes I'm in that damn 5-mile backup!

6:30pm- Finally made it to Austin! YAY! I love this town... it's just the greatest.

7:20pm- Ahhh... home. It's such a great feeling. I love this drive up to my place. I so lucked out with this condo! Notice, my building is the only 3-story building for at least 5 miles!

9:00pm- The first installment of furniture is in place! This is my grandmother's dining room table, buffet, and some of her chairs. The other chairs and her secretary will be riding down with my parents tomorrow. So excited!

Bonus Pic!

I just had to throw this one in... this is the moon rising on my balcony one night last week. The long exposure made it look pretty cool, so I just wanted to share!