Monday, June 15, 2009

June 12 of 12

Okay, so I'm a little late, but here is my 12 of 12 for June. Halfway through the year... I swear I will finish!!

9am- Driving past the lovely Domain shopping area in Austin on my way to my morning meeting. I left my camera at home, so all of my pictures this month will be junky phone pics.

9:15am- Quick stop at the bank to cash my birthday check from my Ghingaw!

12:30pm- Lunch at The Hub! First time I've been here, and it was pretty damn good. A little pricey, but the beer was cold and the burgers were hot!

2:15pm- And I'm off! Starting out the trip up to Dallas to visit my family this weekend.

2:15pm- And approximately 2 seconds later I went from 60mph to 15mph. Austin traffic on Friday afternoons is just the greatest ever.

3:10pm- Got rolling pretty good, running around 70mph, then we hit Temple. For 30ish minutes we slogged through this damn town, and there wasn't even an accident! Seriously, can Temple possibly have a rush hour? At 3pm?

3:20pm- Alex chilling in the back seat. Since I was going about 5mph, I took plenty of pics.

3:25pm- Including this one of the lovely bridges. I figured I might as well document this, since I-35 was under construction because of these bridges for SO freakin long.

3:30pm- Not sure if you can really tell, but there is a Budweiser billboard in the distance. After 20 minutes in this traffic, a Bud was sounding reaaaallllyyyy good!

3:35pm- No, traffic was not so bad that I actually thought Taco Bell sounded good... I just love this billboard. You cant really see it, but that is a 3D sauce packet that says "Smaller packets available inside".

4:15pm- The I-35 Statuary! Anyone who has made this drive knows this place. They have all kinds of concrete statues, from small gnomes to life-size hippos! My favorite is the gorilla painted to look like he is wearing a beanie and a union suit.

6:00pm- Finally made it to my parents' house. Ahhhhh... home. My room looks pretty much like it did when I graduated high school, so it really is like coming home.

Bonus Pic! This is from the 11th, when I spent my birthday at Cub Scout Day Camp. So scary... these kiddos are just out of 1st grade, and they were learning archery!