Monday, April 13, 2009

April 2009 12 of 12

Here we are once more, for the 12 of 12 for April 2009! New to 12 of 12? Please stop by Chad Darnell's site for all the info.

Here we go!!

Easter morning!

11:20am- Apparently, he golfs religiously! Here's another golfer getting ready to tee off on the 1st hole. Love my view!

It certainly is a gorgeous Easter morning! After an early-morning rain, the day was absolutely lovely.

1:35pm- Jaime spent the night and helped me put up my new jewelry armoire. It took some drilling and heaving, but we got it up on the wall. That lovely mirror opens to a green velvet lined jewelry case with space for all of my necklaces, bracelets, etc. Perfect!!

2:00pm- The day hasn't even gotten going, and already Alex is worn out. Sleeping all day really tires one out!

4:00pm- After our home improvement adventure, Jaime and I went to my old boss's house for Easter celebrations. There was a 7 year-old, a new puppy, and 4 cameras out in the front yard. I spent plenty of time convincing the 7 year-old that he should save the rest of his confetti eggs for Daddy. Success!

4:15pm- The new puppy, Jazz, was not so successful at avoiding the confetti eggs! She enjoyed licking the pink dye off of the eggshells, though, so I don't think she minded the confetti in her hair too much.

4:45pm- Again, a gorgeous day and a gorgeous view. Too bad the lake is so low right now!

I miss working at this house! The view is to-die-for, but I really did enjoy working for him, too. Here's hoping they tap me for some house-sitting sometime soon!

8:00pm- After a long afternoon of stuffing myself with yummy food and drinking lots of beer, the bottles of wine purchased yesterday will NOT be opened this evening. These are from Stone House Vineyard, which is about a mile from my door. I even joined the wine club over there!

8:15pm- Now that I've been here for about 3 weeks and actually got a weekend to stay home and unpack, I can take some pictures of my place. I love my huge living room!

My lovely fireplace, and proof that I haven't totally finished unpacking. I mostly have decorations left, so that's not too bad!

I've even gotten my bathroom in order. I just love my new place!