Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Walmart Ways

I made what is quite possibly the most White Trash purchase I have ever made at Wal mart. Aside, of course, from the White Trash Survival Kit I made consisting of a styrofoam bait bucket filled with beef jerky, Moon Pies, RC Cola, hunting magazines, and the like. For my friend... Angela.

Anyway, my photographer boss is making a crazy photo project that needed some props, so he sent me to the store to get an ashtray and cigarettes. On the way out the door, his wife asked me to pick up something for her.

So I checked out in the 'tobacco line' with a glass ashtray, Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights, a Red Bull, and.... baby aspirin. If I had added a sixer of Natural Light and some formula or generic diapers, I would have won the gold.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Brush with fame

I am the coolest, ever. Really. I have a CD autographed by a world-renowned musical artist. It says, "To Katy- thanks! I LOVE YOU! *world-renowned artist*"

I know he is world-renowned because while I was talking to him at his show Thursday night, he had no fewer than 3 Australians approach him for autographs and the like. I had to translate. Aussie to West Texan doesn't go so smoothly. Good thing I can at least understand Aussie, and I'm fluent in West Texan.

And I didn't have to pay the cover charge to get in because the door guy thought I was with the world-renowned artist. So I bought a tshirt and CD to make up for saving $10. Plus the world-renowned artist bought my first 2 beers, so I thought I owed it to him.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


How do you deal with not wanting to tell someone something? If I tell them, I look petty, and I don't really want to tell them anyway. However, if I don't tell them and act like everything is normal, I'm not being honest. Ugh.