Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Monday

Here we are, starting week #3 of the diet. As of last night, I’ve lost 9 lbs. Well, approximately 9 lbs. My damn scale at home is so inaccurate- if I lean forward and/or back, it will fluctuate by 20 lbs, so I have to try to stand as centered as possible, with my feet in the same spot each time, and not lean at all. Unfortunately, my gargantuan feet won’t fit on the scale, so I have to try to get myself centered with my toes hanging off or my heels hanging off. Ugh. At least I know it’s going down!!

I went to the party on Saturday, and it wasn’t so bad. I was a little uncomfortable, but I pretty much just stayed away from the woman who thinks I am evil. I spent quite a bit of time off to the side hanging out by myself, but it was pleasant. At least I had a definite escape- bar time with Leemer !

I left the party around 10:15 and met up with Leemer, Snake, and Snakette at a bar not too far down the road. I think that was the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen in a bar. There was everyone from us plain ol’ crackers to Asians to African-americans to a pre-op tranny to a guy in a wheelchair. And somebody had a pizza delivered. That cracked me up. I got 2 free beers (Thanks Leemer!) and 2 free packs of cigarettes (Thanks Camel!), so the night was a success!

Class starts tonight for the fall semester. This time I won’t be in class every single weeknight, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m taking an intro Photography class, so I’m excited to see what all we are going to do. That means I may be coming after you to pose for me for an assignment… consider yourself warned.

Okay. That’s it. No other excitement over here. I’ll save my ponderings about the ex (?) boyfriend for another time.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Updates Galore

Oh, so many things going on! Let’s start at the top- men.

Man #1- We’ve quit talking much because he is still not over his ex-girlfriend. I understand that- they dated for a year, and she broke up with him without a reason only about 2 months ago. I’m just impatient… I really like this guy and I wish we could get together.

Man #2- Oh my. 2 dates, he called me 2-3 times daily, and then it abruptly stopped. I found out why, though. He and his ex-wife are going to try to make it work. Good for them. It was fun while it lasted.

Man #3- Referenced him on this blog a while back. Still uncertain about the situation, but since I haven’t seen him since the ‘big event’ I think it’s safe to say that nothing is going to happen there.

A lack of relationships is probably best for me right now anyway. I’ll be moving to Austin in about 4 months, so I don’t need to get tied down with anyone. I’m starting to look for houses seriously now, and I found one yesterday that I think I really like. I’ll probably be making a trip down that way next weekend to look at houses, if I can find an agent to work with. Stress.

I’ve decided to go ahead and go to the party this weekend that I was going to avoid because of the situation with the woman that will be there, myself, and my ex-boyfriend. If she hasn’t gotten over it by now (almost 3 months later), she probably never will. If she can’t deal with something that minor, I don’t need or want her as a friend. I know enough people that are ‘perpetual victims’ without adding another to the cadre.

Social obligations are coming out of the woodwork right now- I have 3 things going on on one night in September, and I would like to attend all 3, but it looks like I’m just going to go to the event I committed to first, as etiquette demands.

The new diet… lost 6 lbs the first week!! I’ve cheated a bit this week, so we’ll see how well I do, but here’s hoping…

Monday, August 22, 2005

It's been sooo long

Week one of the diet… I lost 6 pounds! YAY!! I actually haven’t been all that hungry, so I suppose it’s working out okay. I only cheated a little bit. Now I need to get off my ass and start exercising.

A guy ‘winked’ at me on and we went out Wednesday night. It was a good time- he’s a nice guy and pretty cute. We rode around on his sport bike for a while, which was a little scary, but fun. He called me Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening. He called me Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and we went to a concert Friday night. He called me Saturday afternoon, and 3 times Saturday night. He called me Sunday evening. I think he likes me.

My parents have decided that when I move to Austin to go back to school in January, they will help me out with a down payment on a house or duplex. The amount they named is EXTREMELY generous, so I’m starting to look for a place seriously now. If I can get a duplex that already has one half rented out, that would be awesome. I would love to get my mortgage cheap enough and get enough rent coming in that I would actually be making a profit. Not sure if that will happen, but man, would that ever be cool.

There have been several events with the Parrotheads that I have not attended, mostly due to the issue with my ex-boyfriend and a fellow Parrothead and the fact that she won’t forgive me. I’m planning to work the MDA Telethon on Labor Day, but I’m undecided as to whether to attend the ‘Mermaids Sleepover’ or the ‘Compass Over the Rail Sail.’ I have 2 people telling me to go to the Mermaid party, so I’m considering it. I will go to Compass Sail only if I can find someone to go with me. Ugh. I hate having someone mad at me.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stolen from Bonnie

01 First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Pat... actually Pat Thormalen, but 1st graders couldn't say Thormalen

02 Last word you said: Zacatecas

03 Last song you sang: I Can't Get Enough of You Baby

04 Last person you hugged: I can't remember! Erin, I think.

05 Last thing you laughed at: My own running commentary in my head

06 Last time you said "I don't remember:" See #4... sort of.

07 Last time you cried watching TV: Last night on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

08 What color socks are you wearing? White

09 What's under your bed? Rolled up rug, photo boxes, 2 underbed boxes full of winter clothes, magazines, wrapping paper, and some keepsakes.

10 What time did you wake up today? Around 6:45

11 Current taste: Water.

12 Current hair: Brown, bad highlights, needs a trim and color.

13 Current annoyance: My final Spanish grade has not been posted yet.

14 Current longing: 2 guys... (but not a girl and a pizza place)

15 Current desktop background: Black & white beach scene.

16 Current worry: Money, as always.

17 Current hate: No hate.

18 Current favorite article of clothing: My new jeans that are all factory-worn-out.

19 Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex: Eyes.

20 Last CD that you listened to: I think it's Jimmy Buffett, A License to Chill.

21 Favorite place to be: Home.

22 Least favorite place: Work.

23 Time you wake up in the morning: Around 6:45 on weekdays.

24 If you could play an instrument, what would it be? Guitar.

25 Favorite color: Blue.

26 Do you believe in an afterlife? Absolutely

27 How tall are you? 5'7"

28 Current favorite word/saying: "No problem."

29 Favorite book: I can't pick just one!

30 Favorite season: Winter

31 One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Pawpaw, since he died before I knew him.

32 Where do you want to go for university? University of Texas at Austin, Eastfield College, Northlake College, Richland College, and soon either back to UT or to University of North Texas

33 What is your career going to be like? Adventurous

34 How many kids do you want? Two or three.

35 Said "I love you" and meant it? Every time.

36 Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish? No.

37 Been to New York? Of course!

38 Been to Florida? Of course!

39 Been to California? Of course!

40 Been to Hawaii? Of course!

41 Been to Mexico? Of course!

42 Been to China? Of course not!

43 Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? Of course not!

44 Do you have a crush on someone? Of course!

45 What book are you reading now? Babysitter's Club... yes, I know. I buy them at Half Price Books to fill in my collection from childhood, and I can't just put them on the shelf without reading them first.

46 Worst feeling in the world? Being caught.

47 What is the last thing you think about when you go to bed at night? Mmm... bed.

48 What is the first thing you think about when you wake in the morning? Ugh... work.

49 How many rings before you answer? Whenever I can grab it.

50 Future daughter's name: Kathryn Clementine (KC).

51 Future son's name: Benjamin.

52 Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Only a 5 foot marlin that hangs out on my bed.

53 If you could have any job you wanted what would it be? Travel journalist... working on that one.

54 Wish you were somewhere else? Always.

55 College plans: Heading back to 'big college' in the spring. At least, that's the plan.

56 Piercings: Just the ears.

57 Do you do drugs? Nope.

58 Do you drink? Yep.

59 What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? Right now, it's Garnier Fructisse.

60 What are you most scared of? I'm not really scared of anything...

61 What clothes do you sleep in? Nothing.

62 Who is the last person that called you? Canada agent, asking about boxcar rates, and cracking me up pronouncing Zacatecas (Zah-cuh-tay-cus) like Zack-attack-us.

63 Where do you want to get married? Wherever my friends and family are.

64 If you could change anything about yourself what would that be? Probably my weight... I don't need to be skinny, just healthy.

65 Who do you really hate? People who are perpetual victims. (Why oh why is everyone out to get me? It's raining... even God hates me! Waaaah!)

66 Been In Love? I think so.

67 Are you timely or always late? Usually early.

68 Do you have a job? Yep... been working full time for over 5 years now.

69 Do you like being around people? I adore having an audience.

70 Best feeling in the world? Knowing that someone appreciates me..

71 Are you for world peace? Um... yeah. Who isn't??

72 Are you a health freak? Hardly. (puff, puff... swig)

73 Do you have a "type" of person you always go after? Male. That's about it.

74 Do you want someone you don't have? Perpetually.

75 Are you lonely right now? Lil bit.

76 Ever afraid you'll never get married? Always. I can't find someone who can stand me long enough for that.

77 Do you want to get married? Hopefully.

78 Do you want kids? Yes.

79 Cried today? Nope.

80 Bought something today? Not yet.

81 Gotten sick today? Nope.

82 Sang today? Yes.

83 Said I love you today? Nope.

84 Wanted to tell someone you loved them today? Haven't seen anyone I loved yet today.

85 Met someone today? Yes, the new guy Aaron.

86 Moved on today? Nope.

87 Talked to someone today? Yes... Marisha, Nancye, David, Dandridge, Aaron, and Paul.

88 Had a serious talk today? I try to never...

89 Missed someone today? Nope.

90 Hugged someone today? Nope.

91 Yelled at someone today? Too early to yell.

92 Dreamed about someone you can't be with today? Yeah.

93 Danced today? No.

94 I.M.ed someone today? Nope.

95 Watched TV today? Nope.

96 Played dress up today? Nope.

97 Left someone a comment today? Not yet.

98 Sent someone more than five text messages today? No... I don't think he's talking to me right now.

99 Gone to the movies today? Not in more than a year...

100 Completed another survey today? Just did.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not a weak week

Ah…what a good week.

#1- I got accepted to the University of Texas! I can go back in January, and I should be able to finish a degree in Geography in one year, or (my preference) in Journalism in 3 semesters. I may even get super-ambitious and decide to double-major in Journalism and Geography, since I want to be a travel journalist!

#2- I decided to get my ass in gear and lose the rest of this weight. I lost 55 lbs about 2 years ago, and have gained back about 15. I want to lose another 75, so I’ve decided that since I have ZERO self-discipline (not quite sure how I managed to lose the weight previously, other than tons of ephedra), and I’m entirely too busy to cook healthy meals for myself, I’m joining Nutrisystem. I know it’s super-cheesy to be eating pre-packaged ‘diet food’ for every meal and getting support from an online bulletin board, but I think it’s what has to happen.

#3- Shout out

#4- I think the super-cute guy in my class is actually interested in me! YAY! Maybe I can get over #5.

#5- My friend cut off all of his hair (probably more than a foot of gorgeous straight blonde hair) and gave it all to Locks of Love, where they will make it into a wig for a cancer patient. God, he rocks.

#6- Only 7 more classes til I’m done with Spanish forever!

And I’m spent.