Saturday, March 15, 2008

How bizarre

Well, there's a first.

I had a phone call from a sheriff in Creed, CO on my work cell tonight. My first instinct was to panic, of course. Then I remembered I had done nothing wrong (lately) and hadn't been in Colorado in a decade.

Turns out they are looking for a guy I worked with in Florida, and I had sent him a comment in Facebook earlier today, asking how he was and if he was planning a visit to Texas. They googled me, found my work cell on my work website, and called me to see if I had heard from him.

See, they aren't looking for him because he did something wrong. They're just looking for him. No one has seen or heard from him since Thursday. Seems like that might be a little quick to have the sheriff trying to find a guy in his early 20s... but he just got fired from a job, and I know he has had some alcohol problems, so he very likely has other problems.

So keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I hope everything is okay and he just had to get away for a bit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Try

Here's my first attempt at 12 of 12.

This is what happens when I schedule an 8am meeting. I run through Whataburger for a honey chicken biscuit and then chug a triple mocha at the Java Bean while discussing fundraising.

Next, I'm off to Fredericksburg for my fundraising luncheon. Notice the man who is eerily similar to Leemer.

More folks at the luncheon. The old guy on the left donated a stamp collection. My chairman asked him to say a few words. He told war stories for 5 minutes before he finally had to be cut off.

Stopping at the bank, I spotted this sweet beagle chilling on the dash. Man, if only I could be that comfy. Gotta get home to my pup!

And back at the batcave... on hold with Home Depot.

My super-professional workspace. Note the big fat stack of checks... over $10,000! Also, the big fat stack of pledge cards... cheap bastards who haven't given money... YET. Why yes, that is "John Tucker Must Die" on the crappy 19" woodgrain TV in the background!

Yes, I moved in at the end of January. Why do you ask??

See Katy. See Katy refinish furniture. Paint, Katy, paint. This is my 50 some-odd year old desk that was rescued from the barn. See the great color I painted the inside of the drawers. Orange, baby, orange.

Took a stroll outside... looky here! Tons of wildlife around here.

Yet another project not quite taken care of. I bought an awesome shelf with built-in speakers to which you can connect an mp3 player. One of these days I'll get that put up on the wall.

And a project that I did actually complete! If you can't see from the picture, it's a metal grid with two file boxes, a candle holder, and some random clamps that you can rearrange and such. And notice the lovely space just beneath it for the desk when it is finished!

Now it appears that we are done for the night. Alex has tucked himself in for the night, so that's my signal that it's time to get going to bed.

Next month's will be better, I promise. On April 12th, I'll be in the midst of Pirates Ball. Yarrrrrrr! Be preparing yerself fer some excellent photos, yar!

I have seen the future...

and thy name is Botox, John Leeming.

Yesterday I met a man (ironically named John) who reminded me sooo much of my friend John. Except that he's 50. And looks 29.

His features are eerily similar to my friend John, except that his skin is flawless, his eyes are bagless with just a hint of a crow's foot, and he has a mouthfull of perfect glowing white teeth.

So, John, I've seen what you will look like when you are 50. You'll look 29. You'll be the regional president of a major bank. You'll be heavily involved in civic activities, well-respected in the community, and quite wealthy.

And you'll have a life partner named Joe.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Fun with radio ads

Everyone knows about "used" cars.

When you're talking luxury vehicles, they are considered "pre-owned".

The latest (and my personal favorite)?

"Previously enjoyed" RVs

I love radio ads.