Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 12 of 12

So welcome back to 12 of 12. New to 12 of 12? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info. Join us! It's ever so much fun to see what's going on all over the world on a single day.

This month may look a lot like last month... but when the 12th happens on the 2nd Thursday of the month twice in a row, well, it just happens.

11:30- Excitement in a small town! I went to pick up my dress at the cleaners, and there had been a 'disturbance' at the tax-prep office next door. There were 2 cruisers out front with rollers going and officers questioning some guy. I had to sneak back around by the gas station to get a shot without being seen!

1:15- We've been having rain for the past few days after a tremendously long drought. The city has taken advantage of the moisture to burn brush. Since the burn ban has lifted, people all over the county have been burning their brush and the whole area smells like wood smoke.

4:15- I'm driving around looking at places for rent. This little gem is only $550 a month, but it's kinda junky. Wish it were more like the places directly across the street, but these go for $950 a month!!

4:30- Another house for rent in the same area. This one is more expensive, but slightly nicer. I still just can't find exactly what I want! Not so sure about this green.

4:45- Just down the street from the green thing is this adorable redwood. It doesn't look like much from the picture, but it's a cool 3/2. One side of it has 2 stories, and it has great decks all around. Unfortunately, it's also $800 a month. Next.

5:30- On the road again... heading down 71 into Austin for happy hour. Such a gloomy, cloudy, dreary kinda day. This calls for a beer!

6:30- Dammit!! So close to a burger and a beer, yet so far away. Austin traffic is just awful, but rainy days make it even worse. If I were a little more "rose-colored glasses" I'd think these twinkling tail lights were pretty.

7:00- YAY!! I finally made it to Sam's Boat!! Time for the fun to begin!

7:15- Yum yum yum! A freshly cooked Black n Bleu burger! It tastes even better than it looks. And it is perfectly paired with an ice-cold draft beer. Life is good!

7:45- A meeting of the minds at the end of the table. Dale, Helen, and Michael discussing something extremely important, I'm sure.

10:30- Alex is all tucked in for the night... and that's where I'm headed too!!


This is the condo I think I'm actually going to move into next weekend! I'm headed out Saturday afternoon to look at the inside. Can't wait!!!