Monday, June 27, 2005

Brand new thoughts

Things about the internet that confuse, worry, and annoy me…

Because everyone loves a list.

-Fat chicks who describe themselves as BBWs (Big Beautiful Women). Seriously now, you’re just fat. Say it with me, “I’m fat.” As far as being beautiful, that’s up to whoever is looking at you. I’m a fat chick. Period. Some people think I’m cute, others find me revolting. I have learned to live with that without having to slap some half-assed label on myself like BBW.

-Guys that post personal ads with email addresses that include the following words/phrases: playa, bigdick, 696969, muffdiver, rockhard, and my personal favorite, rockhardbigdickplayamuffdiver696969.


-People who still forward goofy chain emails, even the one that was funny (once) by making fun of the goofy chain emails. The girl isn’t missing, you’re not going to cure cancer by forwarding an email, and no, you will not get a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel. Oh, and there will NOT be a cute video that pops up after you forward the message to your ‘friends’, because trust me, if you’re forwarding that shit to them, they are no longer your friends.

-People who take things so seriously online. You do realize that this is all online, and to most people it’s not ‘real’, right?? Quiddit. Just quiddit. No one is taking you seriously, so stop taking everyone else so seriously.

-Bloggers who bitch about clichéd internet annoyances.


Too much drama for your mama

Why all the drama?

I thought that when you reached a certain age, the petty jealous feuds that high school girls are so prone to would just magically disappear. I had hoped that those kind of things were outgrown by the time you reach 25, 30, 35… I was wrong.

Background: I’m in a club with several people, both single and married. A new guy joined the club last December and he and I began to date. We dated for 6 weeks, then I broke it off with him, ostensibly because I was ‘too busy.’ He took it well (I thought), and we all moved along on our happy little ways.

Another woman in the club has ‘liked’ him since she first met him. After I broke up with him, she tried to make her move. They got drunk, messed around one night, but nothing came of it. She finally told me what was going on, and she and I ended up discussing him, his habits, his traits, and what I thought he meant when he said/did certain things to her. This went on for quite some time before I realized that he is just not interested in her at all. After all, she suggested they go out ‘just as friends’ numerous times, and he had to get her number from her again each time, yet he never called. Obviously not interested, right?

Oh, women. We are so dumb. We will set our sights on a man, thinking he is the end-all be-all, and refuse to give up, believing that we WILL win him over. I’ve been guilty of it myself, dozens of times. And those poor unsuspecting men… oh my.

Like all obsessions, though, this one eventually seemed to wear thin. After all of the mixed signals, confusing group outings, and still not a phone call, she said she was tired of the game. She said she was through with it. I was glad. I didn’t want to see her continue to obsess and end up hurting even more.

So, fast forward to about a month ago. Our club went on a weekend camping trip. She rode with me, he was there, all seemed to be going just peachy. Until I completely forgot about her feelings. Just being around him reminded me of how much fun we had together. I started flirting a bit, he flirted back, and it just escalated over the weekend until he ended up in my tent Saturday night.

I wasn’t aware that anyone knew he was in my tent, but apparently all that rum I drank impaired my judgment just a bit (who would have thought??). She knew what happened and confronted me after we made it back to the Dallas area. She was deeply hurt by my actions, which I understood, but she thought I had done it all on purpose. Now anyone who knows me knows that I would never maliciously do something like that to hurt someone else, particularly someone I consider a friend. However, she doesn’t know me that well, apparently, as she is currently not speaking to me.

On top of her drama, he and I began discussing getting back together. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that, what with her still being around, but on the other hand, I know now that she is not going to go after him anymore, since we ‘humiliated’ her. We spent some time together trying to figure out what we are going to do, but the long and short of it is that we are not going to get back together.

So from all of that drama and heartache, absolutely nothing about the core situation has changed, really. He and I are not going to date. He is not interested in her. Now, I’m just the bad guy in all of this. I guess I just learned my lesson about always thinking about everyone else before doing anything. Like that’s going to work.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Slow weeks, fast months

I’ve never believed the quote “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” until I met my current professor. He is exactly what ‘they’ were talking about when ‘they’ said that. He may understand Spanish perfectly. He may even be understood by native speakers. However, he can’t teach! When he reads from the book, he not only mispronounces words (simple ones), but he SKIPS words! He mumbles along, acting like he’s not sure of himself, then grades us based on our pronunciation and ability to sound like native speakers. I think the thing I love the most though, is the fact that we have been in his class for two weeks now, and he still doesn’t know the names of at least 75% of the class. And there are only about 15 of us in there.

Enough of that rant. I have to sit and deal with it for 2 hours every weeknight- why waste any brainpower during the day on that sloth?

Last night I was told that I am ‘easy’ and ‘crazy’. Wow. So basically, you just said I’m a psychotic whore. Nice.

And it’s only Tuesday. Can I go home yet?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

First Step's a Doozy

Okay, we’re going to give this another try. This will be the 4th ‘blog’ I have started, and hopefully this one will stick. I seem to have problems finding things to write about without it sounding like a running conversation with myself, which this really is.

Since I’ll be headed to Austin in six months to pursue a degree in magazine journalism, I figure I ought to start writing on a regular basis to get in the habit of it. Also, I’m working under the assumption that as my writing becomes more prolific, eventually it will become more profound.

Plunging in here, I’m at risk of this blog becoming a repository for things that normally would fall under “Dear Diary This is What I Would Write in You About if I Weren’t Allergic to My Own Handwriting.” Stop me if you see that coming. No, wait, just post a snarky comment so I can see how superior you are.

The other side of that coin is that this could just become one big summary of a Craig’s List Rants n Raves:

  • Smokers are disgusting
  • I hate traffic
  • Fatties just need to quit eating and get some exercise
  • My boyfriend wants anal, should I try it?
  • Liberals are pussies, Conservatives are hate-mongers

Although if I were posting my own opinions (and let’s hope I have the cojones to do that on my OWN FREAKIN BLOG), it would look more like:

  • I need a cigarette
  • Traffic is just more time to gawk at the insanity that is humanity
  • Being fat sucks
  • Been there, tried that, no thanks
  • Liberals are pussies, Conservatives are hate-mongers