Friday, October 21, 2005


I am sooo guilty of neglecting my poor blog. Like anyone actually reads it, but I feel guilty for not posting anything in absolutely forever. Especially since I check my friends' blogs daily and I'm always disappointed when they haven't updated. I don't want to disappoint anyone!

I am currently sitting in the Student Union on campus at the University of Texas. 2 more months til I'm back here full-time!! And now they have Wi-Fi all over campus for free... drooool. I called in to work this morning with a "migraine" and drove down here for the weekend. Lunch with one of my closest friends was nice... battling for parking around campus was not.

I met with my advisor this afternoon to see what I have left to get my degree. If I go with my current major (Geography) I only have 33 hours left to take, so I could easily be done by the end of 2006. However, I want to switch to Journalism, so it looks like it will be slightly longer than that. Even if I go with Journalism, I only have about 33 hours to a degree, I just have to take some Geography classes this spring since I won't be eligible for more than 2 Journalism classes until I officially switch majors.

Here's a fun fact: my official time for registration for the spring semester begins exactly 41 minutes before I'm scheduled to land in Key West. So, as soon as I land, I'll have to desperately search for an internet connection of some sort and get my ass registered for classes before they all fill up!!

I went and visited my financial aid counselor... I'm willing to bet big money he plays Mage or D&D or is involved in LARP. I'm also willing to be that there's no way he is under 350lbs. He didn't give me the best of news, but at least I will be eligible for a small grant.

Now I'm chilling out in the Union, looking like the typical college student of 2005- laptop on my (surprise) lap, mp3 player cranked up, bottled water next to me. I am too effin' cool for words. I just finished proofreading for a friend, so I ought to email her those notes before I step outside for a smoke, huh? Probably won't, though. Now I only have approximately 1.5 hours at the least and 4.5 hours at the most to kill. Good thing I have my laptop and a book!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Some people...

We have the weirdest manager in our office. He's just a strange little guy. Possibly gay and he just hasn't admitted it to himself?? He's in his 50s, so maybe it's just from growing up in more conservative times. Anyway, he's just creepy. And his name is Lester.

My favorite story about him recently is that he had to ask our administrative assistant- a woman- to kill a bug for him. He spotted a cricket and rushed to her desk telling her that there was a HUGE cricket in his office and COME QUICK because it must be KILLED NOW! EEK! Our AA said that it was just a normal-sized cricket. WHY does a grown man need a woman to kill a friggin cricket for him? I don't think that's in her job description. Bizarre.